4 Week Support Package

Investment: $250

My approach to health:


I work from a functional nutrition perspective.

This means that we will look at multiple areas of the body and life to work toward a solution. There is no “magic bullet” or “one-size-fits-all” approach. Instead, we will do some detective work to get to the root of what may be causing some of your or your child’s health issues.

Bio-individuality means that what works for one person may not work for you! We will work together to add in foods and practices that benefit your unique needs.

I want long-term results for you, so we will take into account your schedule, budget, preferences, and more when making any lifestyle or food changes. My goal for you is sustainable change and improvement!

As a reminder, here are some key areas in which nutrition and lifestyle interventions can play a crucial role:

Thyroid Health

Child Behavior (ADHD, emotional concerns, etc.)

Anxiety and Depression

Eating Disorders

Autoimmune Issues and Digestive Health

General Nutrition Practices (Those wanting to learn the basics to care for themselves and/or family)


Included in your four week program:

  • 4 one-on-one 50 minute sessions so you can feel confident that you are implementing the right steps for your specific needs

  • Unlimited email support in between sessions

  • A personalized “nutrition matrix” that outline your areas of focus so you have a snap shot of where you are heading

  • Weekly goals broken down into manageable pieces so you can implement simple changes with zero overwhelm!

  • A tailored resource kit of recipes, handouts, and recommendations so you are equipped and knowledgeable to maintain a healthy lifestyle on your own!

Each person will require a slightly different structure, but here is a general overview of what to expect:

insta matrix.png

Week One:

  • Review intake form and any lab work provided (optional)

  • Begin filling out “Functional Nutrition Matrix” to get a birds eye view of some areas that may need to be addressed

  • Outline the top goals you want to focus on during our month together and start breaking them down into next week’s action step

  • Take home your starter resource kit to start experimenting (may include recipes, lifestyle ideas, etc. depending on your goals)

    Week Two:

  • Check in with what went well and what was a challenge during the previous week (Remember: it’s a direction (not perfection) that we are working toward!)

  • Make any adjustments to overall plan, based on your symptoms, preferences, schedule, etc.

  • Build upon last week’s goal with a revision and/or new 1-3 actions steps for the next week

  • Take home any additional resources applicable to your personal program

    Week Three:

  • Take mid-program progress monitoring assessment

  • Check in with what went well last week and what needs adjusted (also using the progress assessment as a guide)

  • Revise any goals, overall plan, and design next week’s action steps

  • Build upon recipes, resources, handouts, etc. based on your goals

    Week Four:

  • Check in with last week’s victories and challenges and adjust as needed

  • Revise goals and nutrition matrix moving forward, so you are equipped to continue progress beyond our time together

  • Take home any final resources to support your progress

  • Measure and CELEBRATE your specific victories and success over the last 4 weeks!

While your program will be completely tailored to your needs, here are a few topics we may cover together:

dinner table.jpg
  • nutrients specific to your health needs and the best sources

  • identifying potential food sensitivities and finding tasty alternatives

  • basics of healthy eating and simple meal planning-no prior cooking skills necessary! ; )

  • kitchen and pantry stocking guide

  • how to read food labels to make healthy choices

  • how to overcome cravings and not beat yourself up when you give in!

  • how to include kids and family in the process and feed picky eaters

  • finding exercise that fits with your schedule and preferences

  • reducing environmental triggers that may be worsening your symptoms

  • stress management and sleep support

  • how to address the emotional/mindset connection to health for long-term success

Feel free to jump right into a one month program or schedule a single initial consultation (Click HERE for more info. about single sessions.)

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