Why you Feel Worse When you Eat Better

Headaches. Fatigue. Stomach Aches. Irritability....

Aren't these all things you're trying to AVOID when eating a healthier diet?

Here are 3 reasons why you sometimes feel worse when eating better--at least at first. Take heart, because this is only temporary.  I promise you will come out on the other side full of vibrant energy and lasting health!

 Reason #1 Detoxification

What's happening: When you transition to a more pure way of eating, your body starts dumping out toxins from poor food choices, environmental pollutants, etc.  This is a sign that you're body is starting to cleanse itself of what is harming it.  Unfortunately, this can mean some temporary discomfort while your body learns to process & eliminate all that junk that's starting to creep out of your cells. 

Think of it this way: You know how when you clean out your closet, and you drag everything out into a pile? It looks way worse before it gets tidy and clean.  The same is true for your body! It's going to get a little "dirtier" right before it's pure and clean. 

How to minimize the discomfort:

-Drink lemon water upon rising.  This stimulates your liver and digestive system--your top teammates in this detoxification process.  And it gives you a boost of Vitamin C to keep you healthy all day!

-Transition Slowly.  When you go from processed box foods and refined sugar to fresh fruits and vegetables, you might start "cleaning" a little too fast.  Instead of overhauling every part of your diet, focus on one thing at a time. Focus on one meal a day that you can makeover into whole food items, and give yourself a little time to adjustbefore you focus on the next meal change.

Reason #2: Withdrawal Symptoms

What's happening: Sugar & processed foods are addictions. They can give a false sense of energy and well being. It's only natural that your body will start to miss those stimulants and respond with fatigue and irritability.  If you can power through the transition, your body will start to learn how to draw energy from real, wholesome food.  The amount of energy you feel from this approach won't even hold a candle to your old sugar rush!

How to minimize the discomfort:

- Drink Water! This will flood yourselves with hydration, leaving you less prone to headaches and exhaustion.  Get in the habit of carrying a water bottle with you at all times, and sip on it throughout the day.

- Find healthy replacements for your favorite comfort foods. I'm a firm believer that (almost) everything can be made into a healthy form. Gooey antioxidant chocolate brownie bites, anyone?

 Reason # 3: Increased Fiber

What's happening: If you are coming from a previous diet of low fiber and nutrient rich food, this can cause some temporary discomfort: Bloating, Atypical Digestion, Stomachaches. Your body is adjusting to the new "tools" it's being given.  Once you get into a rhythm of including these foods, your body will balance out and your digestion will be as good as ever!

How to minimize the discomfort:

-Balance fiber intake with water consumption. Dehydration+increase in fiber=bloating.

- Take a quality probiotic. This helps balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut and leads to healthy digestion.

-Sip on peppermint tea. This soothes the stomach and can provide quick relief and comfort.

If your new healthy habits have left you discouraged and confused, press on! You are embarking on a new lifestyle that will be worth every ounce of discomfort!



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