6 High Quality Probiotic Recommendations to heal yoru gut and restore your health.

You've probably been hearing the buzz about the benefits of probiotics and how gut health affects every other area of health. Maybe you are even convinced that they can help you with your health goals. Then, you go to look up a quality brand and get utterly confused by the thousands of options, claims, contradictory opinions, etc.

Sound familiar?

While there are always new, quality brands coming on the market that I will be trying with myself and my nutrition clients, let me share some of the top brands that I currently use personally and frequently recommend to the people I serve. 

Before getting to the brands, let me refresh your memory on why probiotics are so powerful for your health! Here are a few things probiotics influence and support:

  • supports immune system
  • weight control
  • fights infections
  • lowers cholesterol
  • produces vitamins like B12 and Vit. K2
  • calms digestion distress
  • prevents food poisoning
  • soothes inflammatory bowel issues
  • promotes clear skin
  • a crucial factor in thyroid and hormone balance

I could go on and on with more benefits, but hopefully you get the point. Probiotics are crucial for optimal health.

Here's where things go wrong:

Our bodies have a balance of both good and bad bacteria.  The problem with most of our lifestyles is that they are killing off the good guys, causing something called "Dysbiosis" to occur. Simply put, things are out of balance in our guts and it's causing major health problems!

A few factors that kill probiotics include:

  • antibiotics and other medication
  • tap water
  • sugar
  • stress
  • processed food

While limiting these factors can go a long way in restoring your gut health, most of us need to fortify with additional sources, like supplements and probiotic-rich foods. 

Personally, I love probiotic foods such as:

  • coconut water kefir
  • sourkraut
  • tempeh
  • miso
  • kvass
  • etc.

I know these foods are not everyone's cup of tea, and that's where a quality supplement can plan a powerful role.

Just like with any supplement, you truly get what you pay for.  Buying a cheap version can be a waste of money over the long haul if they are not working anyway! 

I tried to include somewhat of a variety of price points, while still maintaining the following standards:

  • No artificial colors, preservatives, or fillers
  • High CFU count (colony forming unit---a.k.a. "high amounts of the good guys"
  • Survivability (meaning they survive the trip through your stomach and are still alive when they arrrive in your gut)
  • user results---I'm all about doing the scientific research to find a quality brand, but if it's not getting results from the people using them, I'm not going to waste my time. Each of these brands has a high amount of success stories from people with a variety of health challenges and goals.

With out further ado, here are some links to probiotic supplements I recommend:

If you are not avoiding dairy and gluten:

1. Beeyoutiful 60 capsules $19.00

(non-dairy but contains trace of gluten)

No refrigeration necessary.

Daily Dose: 1-3 Capsules with or before meals

2. Garden of Life 90 Capsules $28.95

(gluten free but may contain traces of dairy)

No refrigeration necessary.

Daily Dose: 1-3 Capsules per day without food

3. Biokult 120 capsules $36.07

No refrigeration necessary

Daily dose: 1-2 capsules once or twice daily with food.

(gluten-free but may contain traces of dairy)


If you are avoiding dairy and gluten:

(I know, it's a bummer that these are higher priced.  I've found ways to save money by taking them every other day, eating more probiotic foods, etc.)

1.   LyfBiotic 52 powder servings $39.95

Best refrigerated or in a cool, dry place.

Daily Dose: 1-2 servings of powder in full glass of water or juice with or without food.

2. Prescript Assist 60 capsules $49.00

No refrigeration necessary.

Daily dose: 1-2 capsules per day with or without food. 

3. MegaSporeBiotic 60 capsules $60.00

No refrigeration necessary.

Daily dose: 1-2 capsules with or right after meal.

Some final tips on getting the most out of probiotics:

1. Start gradually by taking half the recommended dose. Too much at one time can cause digestive discomfort, as your body adjusts.

2. To save money, take a quality probiotic every other day. In my opinion, this is way more effective that taking a cheap version every day.

3. Include more Pre-biotic foods in your diet such as bananas, garlic, artichokes, etc. These foods feed the good bacteria in your gut, making supplements all the more effective.

4. Rotate your brands.  When you run out of one brand, purchase a different one the next time and alternate between them.  Different brands have different bacteria strains, and it works best if you expose your body to the most variety as possible

5. Lastly, food choices play a major role in how well your body responds to probiotics and other supplements. If you're stuck on how to prepare whole food meals for you or your family, I've designed a complete 4-week "real food" meal plan for you including recipes, grocery lists, and diet modifications.

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